Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Day in Cashiers

Last Friday I got the "day off" with Bob working at home and able to take care of our 17 year old chow.  Linda was doing a show in Cashiers, so I decided to make my way there through the mountains.

I was a little hesitant as I still have not gotten used to driving these switchbacks for miles at a time. 

It was a beautiful 90-minute drive.

I arrived in this quaint little town trying to find the school where the antiques show was being held and came across this wonderful nursery.

Some of the amazing items for sale at the show.

Both Linda and I spied this beaver lamp with original wooden shade under a table in one booth.

Linda's booth looking lovely as always!  A lot of things had been sold before I got there.

After the show, I took a different route home and found another wonderful nursery.

I bought some petunias and coleus at this nursery since I didn't buy a thing at the show.

The drive home was much easier with beautiful views.   Temperature in Cashiers was 77 degrees.  When I got to the bottom of the mountains, it was 92 degrees in SC.

Next day, petunias planted, butterflies approve.

Found these pots made in Italy at the local thrift store on Saturday.  I guess finding the nurseries and buying plants was an omen.

Bob and I plan on a return visit to Cashiers, Land of the Waterfalls.  I passed a lot of trailheads leading to falls!

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