Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stormy Spring

The past two weeks have been crazy with storms.  The days in between are beautiful making the sleepless nights worth it.   Neat how the sun is coming through the clouds onto the side of the mountains.

Last Saturday and Sunday were perfection!  Bright, clear, warm days, so I headed to the boathouse to clean out the little garden.  Everywhere around the lake the azaleas were blooming.

I thought it would be nice to photograph my tag sale finds at the lake for a change of background.

The siding is completed, except for painting.  I finally found my 1950s galvanized screen door at a Habitat store for $15 and need to get that up. 

This week's tag sale was by far the best yet!  I headed right to the basement where I get my best buys, and there was so much that I spent two hours down there! I am getting to know the "regulars", the local dealers that frequent the sales.  John, who owns Landrum Eclectics, is a British guy that I am now on a first-name basis with, and we laugh and have a good time rummaging through things and asking each other, "Do you want this?" if we find something we don't have a use for.  

The problem is, I'm getting way too much stock with no place to store it until I get it up on Ebay or in my Etsy shop.  It's fun, but getting a bit out-of-hand!  

No tag sale this week, but FENCE, the local equestrian community, is having a huge yard sale at 8 am this Saturday.  I guess I'll be going, just can't help myself.

A fun find, "Fireside Book of Folk Songs".

Chows hate getting their toes wet, so this has been a frequent scene at the front door.  I can just see what they're thinking:  "Seriously?  You want us to pee in the rain?"

The azaleas at the log house in town are blooming, so I went up to get some photos.

Why is my tree foaming??

Lots of fog after the storms pass.  Dogwoods in bloom. 

As I post this, Jake is in the kitchen putting in the bark backsplash and it looks fantastic!  I've been tired of dealing with workers at the house, working around their schedule and keeping the dogs calm, but when a project gets finished, it's worth it!

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