Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dodged a Bullet!

Yes, this is the cute little group of buildings I had my eye on to turn into an antiques shop/bookstore, sad to say.

At least those beautiful blue/green painted boards are okay.  

Just one huge tree was all it took.  At least the log cabin is still standing intact.

I stopped by to talk to Heather who lives next to the cabins and owns it.  She and I were even talking about getting together and having a little art studio, but two days after we talked this happened.  
Heather was in her yard with her dog pushing her son on a tire swing.

This is Heather's house, the outside now looking really good after lots of elbow grease.  We talk about being in the "renovator trenches" and both of us have a long way to go, but I think she has a bit more than me because her house is huge!

I love her entryway with the glass french doors and big staircase and her youngest wanting his picture taken.

She's done a lot of yard work like me, tackling vines and poison ivy, but is now seeing the rewards of hard work.  This is looking from her front porch to the little old church across the street. 

On a happy note, I found this chenille bluebird bedspread for $5 at an estate sale in the middle of the week on the way to the grocery store.

I listed it on Ebay for $21.99 and with two days of bidding left, it has had 968 lookers, 27 watchers and 10 bids and is now up to $83.82!  I am shocked!  I haven't a clue as to what makes this so popular, it's not even in mint condition, but I will now be on the lookout for others!

Last week Linda and I headed up to Asheville to B.B.Barnes nursery and spent the day drooling over plants.  The fog was amazing!

If only you could smell these roses!  Blogger needs a scratch-and-sniff feature.

A $1900 Japanese maple!

Since we were so close, we decided to go to Bella and look at expensive bath and cabinet fixtures in this cute cabin.

We both LOVED this shower!

The boathouse is painted, the deck still needs staining, the screen door needs to be put up, but it's really coming along 

I spent a few hours cleaning out the small garden and plugging in verbena seedlings.

Found this cute almond-colored range at the hospice store for $75.  Just need an electrician to put in a special plug, but have had no success getting any calls back from electricians yet. 

Yesterday I had a long list of projects to accomplish, then Panda brought home a baby possom.  I spent six hours on the phone, emailing, texting and finally some luck!  A naturalist about 30 minutes away that would come to my home in the pouring rain since my car was in the shop and picked "her" up.  They all look like "hes" to me!

He left his brochure and said to call in a few days for an update.  I now have a list of great people that worked to help me find someone who could take her, most were either full, had some with broken legs that were taking a lot of time or were across state lines.  Maybe today I can accomplish something!

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