Thursday, December 15, 2016

Anniversary Number 32

Came out the front door day of our anniversary and this is what I found.

Love the tag, but no big deal, just the pair of loppers I asked for so I could trim bushes, right?

WRONG!  Ended up being a telephoto lens for my camera the size of a bazooka!  How will I hike and carry this thing?  The small box is my engagement ring that needed to be re-sized.  Yes, as we hit 60 our fingers swell and knuckles get arthritis.  Haven't worn my ring in years, it's like getting brand new bling!

We went to Asheville to eat at the Taco Temple, which did not disappoint.

I have finally found a decent margarita, it only took three years!  Yummy, interesting tacos.

Bob's plate.  Designated driver.

We walked around Biltmore Village to finish up the last of the Christmas gifts.  This church was so beautiful I took many photos.

I wanted a bag of these pinecones off this tree, huge!

Bob tipped the girl playing Christmas songs on her flute for shoppers.

Today is the coldest day yet, won't get out of the 30s tomorrow, but back to the 60s on Saturday, so I'm doing my lizards a favor and brought them in for the night.  They are enjoying being inside.

This is the latest ever for getting tree and decorations up because of rescue.  This is Czar from an NC shelter.  My friend Debra (you would remember her holding the snake as big as her) helped get him out of the shelter and I set up a volunteer transport to get him to Michigan, no easy chore.

The following weekend my friend Cathy in Arkansas asked for help finding a rescue and setting up a transport for a 7 month old husky pup named Waha (Indian meaning little wolf).  My friend Kathy at Free Spirit Husky Rescue took him in as long as I could get him to Harvard, Illinois.  That was tricky.  Run started at 8 am and ended 10 pm because of a major snow storm.  Everyone was safe and Waha is now with his rescue.  He is the black husky looking freaked out lol!

I get to meet many new friends through rescue.  Amy and Frank may come to Asheville this summer to stay at the boathouse and bring their own huskies!

Patty wanted to keep Waha, she fell in love.

Bob and Ashley had a good time, too, but looks like Waha is worn out!  Arkansas to Illinois is a long trip.  Working this week on an NC blind senior chow, trying to get him to my friend Marcia in PA, but shelter is giving us trouble.  May have to pull a PETA on xmas eve when no one is around and spring him.  I already have a handful of people wanting to help.  Mom, get the bail money ready!!

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