Thursday, October 13, 2016

Demolition at the Lake

Pulled up to the boathouse today to find my neighbor taking down the retaining wall to his boathouse.  I was meeting my friend Ziggy to get some goat's milk and show him the place, wasn't nice and peaceful as it usually is, and this huge semi was parked in my space. 

Fingers crossed our rock retaining wall is still standing tomorrow when I meet another friend there, but just in case, I took a lot of photos and videos.

It was no surprise, our neighbor talked to us last weekend when at the boathouse and showed us all of his plans for his place.  He actually owns two boathouses together.

He showed us the nice stone that will replace the ugly cinderblock and he will also be working on the boathouse and dock attached to ours.  His girlfriend wants to paint it salmon, which I think will be very pretty and complimentary to our place, but Dave did not seem to like the color choice.  We'll see who wins!

Once he's finished, I will take photos of the new wall and boathouse color and also show you the beautiful waterfall he placed between the two boathouses that run into the lake.  He had a lot of boardwalks to link up the two, something Bob and I had already talked about doing to make it safer for renters and company.

Can't imagine what this is costing him.  He had to hire engineers.

This is the view of the ugly cinderblock wall from our boathouse.  I can't wait to see the rock, it will really add to the view from our boathouse.  Dave loves my garden and wants me to plant pitcher plants.  Just another thing on my agenda, to make a bog garden once the boardwalk is in.

Right now this is what you have to traverse to get from the stairs to the dock.  The boardwalk will go here, giving a better view of my water garden.  Photos to come.  George and Patti will be very happy to see their new boathouse come spring!

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