Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday Outing

This Sunday was a drive an hour south of us to Table Rock State Park, SC.  I've been a bit under the weather fighting a cold, so a hike was not going to happen, and decided we could at least check out the park for future hikes and see what was available.

I've been collecting hiker medallions as we walk a trail in different states and tack them onto this shepherd's staff not used for hiking, but just as a reminder of all the places we've been from Acadia to the Canadian Rockies.

I purchased this medallion, but it won't be placed on the staff until we actually hike a trail, that would be cheating!
Before we headed out, we stopped at the newest coffee shop which just opened in town, very high-end coffee, very tiny, too expensive, too snobby, but I must say it was delicioso! 

Table Rock Visitor's Center
I love topographical maps showing the difficulty of a trail.  Some of the trails take days of hiking and camping, something we will not be doing, especially after coming home and watching Backcountry!

A 1937 log home now used for events at the park. 

Leave it to Bob to find the hikers with dogs that he can pet!

Last week I forgot to post my rescue dog that I set up a transport for from Missouri to Illinois.  A friend who was fostering him had become ill, and Harvey needed to find a new home and we needed to get him there.

We did it!  Harvey with his new family!  Next post I promise will be an update on the house renovation.  October 31st, big things to come!

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