Monday, April 18, 2016

A Rock Wall

More work outside.  I decided to cut the ivy to show the nice rock wall as you come in the front gate.  The whole driveway has a wall along it just like this, but it would take a tremendous amount of work getting the ivy, periwinkle and dirt off of it.  Maybe at a later time . . . maybe we can hire someone.  What a concept!

The stairs lead to my little rose garden.  

I have a tray of Mexican Primrose seedlings growing in my potting shed  that will be planted along the wall. 

Also getting the courtyard garden ready for visitors.

It was 85 degrees today, so it was time to get the fountain going.  This year I used rock found on the property.  The sound of water is cooling and the birds and butterflies touch down from time to time to get a drink.  I think Panda likes it, too, that is one of his favorite afternoon spots.

Many of these trees are blooming on our property and I have yet to get my tree guide to find out what it is, but the scent smells like cotton candy!

All of the planters have their hostas and ferns blooming, making the seating area a pretty little spot.

A welcome visitor.  I make sure my dogs never see him or bother him.

I started these tomatoes a month ago and this weekend they can be planted, no more chance of frost.

The tiny iris I brought from the Georgia woods are doing nicely in a planter.  This week at the farmhouse, the plumber returns to put a new pipe in for the hot water.  A lot of cleaning is going on for the arrival of our visitors!  

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