Monday, November 2, 2015

Chimney Rock, Part I

Halloween day the plan was to hike up to the top of Chimney Rock, look at leaves, hike down to the gorge to be at the bottom of the waterfalls.

Didn't go as planned, so next weekend we will try again.  Since Chimney Rock is only 30 minutes from our home, we bought a season pass and hope to be there often.

A sign of Halloween.  A hiker dressed his dogs in costumes.

There are trails to the top of Chimney Rock for spectacular views or you can climb the 499 stairs.  Oh, my aching knees!

Lunch at Lake Lure out on the deck.

Sally and Sandy, the reason we didn't get to hike.  I took in two seniors from a local shelter and brought them to their rescue in SC that morning.  I got to meet a long-time rescue friend.  

While Sally was in my care, I took two pounds of mats off her.  She was a mess, but much happier with them gone.

At Catrina's rescue Chow Charmer.  I sprung for a bed to accommodate the both of them, and they look pleased.  We will try again this weekend to hike.  Sorry, no renovations until the weather gets too cold to go outside.  In the 70s this week.  Is it really November?

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