Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Rare Visitor

For the past couple of weeks I have been hearing the scream of a fox on our back four acres.  To my surprise, in broad daylight, there he is walking my fence line.  I didn't know what it was because I didn't know a black fox existed and they are rare.  My friends won't believe me until I capture him on film.  I googled him and this is the information I found:

An Informative article that details the demise of the genetic strain of the rare black fox in Great Britain.-
“The National Fox Welfare Society Fox Rescue
The National Fox Welfare Society Fox Rescue information and treatment site.
~ The Rare Black Fox ~
The fox is a beautiful and sleek creature and at this present point in time, the rarity of the black fox is causing deep concern. There was a time not so long ago when the black fox, as the red fox, was a common sight to be found wandering about the British Isles.
But over the years the dwindling numbers of the black fox are mainly due to the capturing and skinning of the creature to create glossy fur coats from their pelts; with fox hunting being another major factor; rendering this beautiful animal very much in danger of becoming extinct. From their extremely scarce sightings, we are led to believe from wildlife experts that there are only a handful of the black varieties of the fox now to be found inhabiting Great Britain.
Sightings of the black fox are extremely rare and very few and far between. In North America, one in five red foxes are black, because they were introduced from Europe, and the reason they retain their numbers is because they have not been hunted down for their pelts for the making of fur coats to the fur trade. Thus keeping the genetic strain safe and sound.
The fox is a member of the canid family, which is akin to coyotes, jackals and wolves. They are, however, very much a separate animal which has their own genetic group. They are basically carnivores, but they do also eat berries and grains. Characteristics of a fox are an extended slim body with long legs, a long snout and a thick and long, fluffy, brush tail. The fox is a swift and agile runner and can reach a speed of 30 mph. Their eyes are small and bright and their ears are alert and triangular. The animal appears inquisitive and is of a stealthy and agile constitution.
The cries from the fox are barking, and an almost scream like howl, and a sound which sounds bird like. Some say a bit like a bab crying. To hear a fox in the dead of night can be quite alarming as they do omit a noise which sounds very like a scream for help.

The black fox is considered unlucky, and like most black creatures is deemed to be a bad omen. This originates way back from the black dog which was said to bring disaster and doom to whoever saw it. 

The bush above, I have no idea what it is and I have hundreds of them, has bothered me being in front of the house, so I took an ax to it and it is gone! It has big thorns and constantly needs to be trimmed, but the fragrance is a wonderful musk.

Gone!  The red maple to the right will be centered on the wall come spring.  Yet another big hole to dig. 

I think just about all the leaves are down or will be soon.  For the past two months I have been raking and hauling carts of leaves either to the compost pile or to what was called by the previous owners the azalea garden.  I have been restoring that area, mowed paths and last year and this year, that is where all the leaves go making a nice soft path to the chicken coop.

It leads from the house and loops around going past the chicken coop.  I have planted gardenias, hydrangeas, nandina, hostas, a nice shady area in the summer.

So it's almost Thanksgiving and I have roses blooming!

And the holly bushes are loaded with berries.

The color on the hills is starting to fade.

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