Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weathervanes, Bark Houses and Leaves

Two out of three weathervanes are now where they belong.  Still need to get one up on the farmhouse.  

Sunday we took a drive with Daddy 90 minutes north where the leaves are just starting to turn.  They won't be at their peak in our area until the first week of November when we have a hike planned to Chimney Rock.

We went to the town of Linville to see the bark houses depicted in the bark house book I have and the inspiration for my bark backsplash in my kitchen, which has yet to be done.   It was much colder up in the mountains, crisp and clear and leaves were beginning to show color up there.

Daddy out for a stroll before hitting the road again.

We went inside the Eseeola Lodge to take a look.  They had a roaring fire and beautiful old waterfall painting as you entered.   It was nice and cozy.

The town is full of old and new bark houses, and those that don't have bark at least have logs or shingles in keeping with the town's theme.  Love this colorful old tudor painted in very unexpected colors.

Bark shingles, logs, and stone.

A new version.  I still prefer the old.

Finally captured the elusive pileated on film that I've been telling you about, mom!

I have been so busy with rescue this past month that I didn't get my halloween decorations out in time, so decided to just do an autumn theme with all the pinecones, pods and gourds I have been collecting.  

Chow mixes saved this week:  Bernard went to my friend Stephanie at Halfway Home Rescue in CT.  I just played a part in networking.

Turbo also went to my friend Stephanie.  I also played a role in networking, no transporting or fostering.  

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