Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lamps Anyone?

I started to look at lamps at the local Hospice Thrift Store and Habitat For Humanity Store to put in my Etsy shop TinyFarmhouseSurplus.  This one looked so good in the farmhouse with my milk glass collection that I want to keep it, but I listed it for sale anyway.

Nice swirled milkglass and carved metal piece in the center.

Base is also milkglass. This one was $15.

The next time I went I found this unusual lamp.  Milkglass shade with heavy etched glass base with brass.  

This one has a wire piece that fits on top to hold a lampshade. I took this off and placed it in my living room because I have had a similiar lamp for many years and they look great together on opposite sides of the room.

This is the one I've had for many years.

This is the one that will someday make it to my Etsy shop, but for now it looks too nice to part with, and I needed the extra light until we get our flood lights put up on our living room beam.

This one cost a whopping $16

I also find a lot of light fixture pieces like these pretty frosted globes with etched thistles and berries.  A set for $2.

Another milkglass ceiling globe for $2, which just sold in my shop.

This is a delicate garnet shade costing $1

Amber shades for 50 cents apiece

A lighter amber shade

A retro '50s ceiling shade for $1.  

A unique set of four ceiling shades, one circular.  Sold these as a set.

Frosted hobnail shades were also 50 cents apiece

On my last trip I found another pretty milkglass lamp with a four-leaf clover pattern and brass base for $10.  Right now this one's a keeper for the farmhouse.

Looking forward to my trip there tomorrow, who knows what I'll come home with!  I may just become known as "the lamp lady"!

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