Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bob's Bathroom Completed

This tiny bathroom has taken months of scraping, priming and painting, but the outcome is very pleasing!

Now crisp and clean, lots of white paint to brighten up the original tiles and Benjamin Moore's "Camel" for the upper walls, which on the plaster walls looks like suede.   There are specs of brown in the white wall tiles and little square mustard  tiles on the floor, so this color blends in well.

Originally, this room only had a bathtub and we added a shower with a nice view of the outdoors while we take our shower.  I scraped the window sill down to the heart pine and varnished it to protect it. 

Still have more antique glass chandelier prisms to hang as curtains.  

An old tile of a fern hung above the toilet was found at the Goodwill for $2 and is in the original oak frame.  Kayaker on the tank. The toilet is the only new fixture so far. 

Original stainless towel racks.

Original stainless doorknobs and hooks.  I replaced the switchplate covers which are brushed stainless.

Original frosted glass light fixture and medicine cabinet.

I hung Bob's huge tiles from the Moravian Tile Works in Doylestown, PA, that he received as birthday gifts.

One tile on each side.  Still have a few small ones to hang.

Original 1940s porcelain tub.

Original porcelain sink.  Plan on replacing the faucet in the near future.

Before photos of the pink paint and peeling ceiling.

Trying to pick the perfect mustard color.

Always good to have before photos to remind yourself of how much elbow grease went into a room.

Part of the reason the renovation is going slowly is how involved I have become in dog rescue.  A friend who heads one of the big chow rescues in NY just moved to the South from CT and so there is plenty to do.  Here are a few of the dogs Bob and I have been involved with in the past few weeks temp fostering, transporting and photographing to help get them homes.

This is Bert and Ernie, two brothers from a NY shelter who were in boarding for six months in PA and are now in boarding in NC so we can work with them and get them into a home.  I have set up their very own blog: chowbluesbrothers.blogspot.com

David is a friend also working with the brothers and fostering others for Pet Adoption League of NY.  

This is goofy Ernie, my favorite of the brothers.  I was lucky to get such a good photo to show his goofy side.
This is Bear who David worked with at a local shelter.  I was doing a leg of transport for him and Sugar Shack who were both going to PA.

Sugar Shack is a little senior with bad hips, so she was laying in the back and Bear was up front and center with me.  Bear went on to PA, but Sugar could not make the trip and ended up coming back to Tracey that same day where she will stay.

And this is Frankie, a gorgeous husky boy who was to spend a night and be on transport with Pilots & Paws, but weather kept delaying it, so Frankie stayed for a whole week, then Bob drove him to Columbia, SC.  He is now adopted and living in Florida.  I miss Frankie, he was a wonderful husky.

His eyes were mesmerizing.

In my sunroom, I took the photo from outside through the glass.  He looks like a wolf.

Then there was Riley a week before, a Plot Hound going to Illinois.  Bob drove Riley to Knoxville, TN, so he could go to some favorite bookstores.  When traveling, we always try to transport a dog.
So now I have started to paint my bedroom and will be scraping and priming in there for some time.  With fall coming, I hope to hike a bit and explore, so until the next post . . . 

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