Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Trees are Up!

The traditional tree with glass woodland ornaments and flickering candle lights

A vintage hooked rug with deer was used as a tree skirt for the traditional tree

A video of the traditional tree in the daylight

 A video of the traditional tree at night (Please ignore Daddy's snoring!)  His doggy pen is right next to the tree and he had a busy day!

My lunar tree complete with moon tree topper and shooting stars.  The Ikea lights were perfect for the "lunar" feel, icy and gray.  The shooting stars happened by chance when looking for the Ikea lights!

 The moon is actually a kid's nightlight and does the phases of the moon, but for the tree the moon will be full the whole month of December.

A video of the lunar tree at night so you can enjoy the shooting stars!  More decorating to do, baking, gift wrapping, cards, a shopping trip in Atlanta with the girls, eggnog for the neighbors, homemade lasagne for xmas dinner, all fresh, even the noodles.  Always so much to do!

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  1. Hello, Just found your lunar Christmas tree posting while searching for a moon tree topper. Love it! Where did you guys find yours? What size is it?

    Thank you!