Saturday, October 25, 2014


My next door neighbors called to let me know that 1,100 cyclists would be passing our road today, and Lance Armstrong would be among them.  We also have a champion cyclist that runs the local healthfood store, Jim Cash, that ranks 17 in cycling.  A lot of interesting people live in this town.

This was the first time to meet a new couple that just moved onto our road with their baby Zeek.  I am bad at remembering names, but I did remember the baby's!

Kendall wearing the hat, with Jim next to her.  Kendall Page's family are the originals of Page Farm Road. Ken is standing with the hat.  He lives next door.  He is from Sweden, and his friend is on the right.

Ken was holding up Lance Armstrong's shirt from when he lived in Sweden. A lot of neat things go on in this tiny town.

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