Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Little Topiary Garden

For weeks I have been planning on stopping by David Sampson's house again, a tiny black man in his 70s that has a small topiary garden that is right on the main street in town.  I stopped once not having my camera and told him I would be back to get some photos.  We talked about Pearl Fryar  who inspired him and lives about two hours from here, and it is on my list to visit.  I baked some cookies in return for some photos.

I had this Marjolein Bastin card that was perfect.

The first time I met David, he was up on a ladder with his shears and everything was perfect.  With the rain and cool weather, the topiaries have exploded, so next time he's out on his ladder I will take some better photos.
He has butterflies, birds, chess pieces, eagles and an initial in honor of a nephew he lost.

I believe this is the eagle, but it sure needs a trim.

These are butterflies.

Chess piece.

The back side of the topiaries.

I have seen this sign since I moved here on the way to town and until today had never seen a goat, so I stopped to get the info sheet out of the box on using goats to get rid of kudzu and take their photo.

I felt bad, they saw me and came running, thinking it was dinnertime.

To my surprise, they have a dog with them that protects them.  I went to the store and got him a big marrow bone to enjoy while being on the job.
Every time I go out, there is some neat little thing I find in this quaint little Village of Tryon.

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