Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July at the Lake

Set the table for lunch, grilled mozzarella in romaine with olive oil and balsamic reduction, crusty bread, heirloom tomatoes, Bob had a steak that Jacqui bought for him and dessert was peach shortcake with chambord melba sauce.  Yum! Found my wooden ants when looking for flags!

Debra came for lunch since her sister is summering in Cooperstown, NY, at their lake house.  First time she had been out since breaking her wrist when climbing Grandfather Mountain two weeks ago.

This is how she is having to wear her hair since she only has one hand.  Cracked me up!

This is Stan.  I met him through Habitat when trying to find someone who might want some of our left over wood.  He just moved to the lake a year ago from Richmond.  A really nice guy.  He told me he was building me a Barred Owl box out of the wood and how big it was.  He's a character with his long silver braid and pierced ears.  You wouldn't know he was an engineer!

The annual boat parade was small, only six boats, but they were very pretty and this won first place.

Some boats were just casual.

Sunday we went back to Pearson's Falls.

Guy doing crazy stunts on some falls.  I call them stupid hippy tricks.  He was in good shape, though, and not many could do a one-handed handstand in water on slippery rock!

These are the falls, pretty, but no big deal.  We've seen much better in Brazil and Belize, but this is right around the corner, nice to know.
If you didn't see my Facebook post, this was Saturday after the Fourth's fireworks and fire crackers.  Lord Roman destroyed his baby gate and is looking very innocent and blaming it on Princess.  Only wish his returned Thundershirt would get here before the next storm!


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    1. Hope you, Denis and Niko get to come sometime!

  2. It is, just haven't been able to use it much. Hope you and Niko get to come sometime!