Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Renovation Snipets

I have been having technical difficulties, but today I was able to get a few photos on of a little bit that has been accomplished in the reno.  The old blue boards are in the bathroom and the tile floor has been laid.  Aside from being painted and mirror and pictures hung, this room is the closest to being completed than any other room in the house.
I am happy that I kept the old fixtures, they are in perfect condition and just needed to be cleaned. 
The Silestone countertop is in, the old ugly dirty laminate GONE! This countertop is so beautiful, it was well worth the time and effort to track it down.

The new appliances are also in.  They are GE, and this is a new line called slate.   GE is trying to give an alternative to stainless steel, and the slate is not going over well, but I love it. 
As you can see, the floors still need to be sanded, stained and sealed, the walls need to be painted, I need to find tile for a backsplash.  This room has a long way to go.  Right now the most important thing is to get the cupboards cleaned so I can put dishes away, then the cupboards will need to be stained and sealed. 
Another view of my lovely countertop and appliances.  I have chosen a paint color called Porcini which will look fantastic with the grays and browns of the countertop and appliances. I also saw on Pinterest concrete tiles that were stenciled and would be a beautiful backsplash, if I can only track those down.
Finally, the bathtub is out of the bedroom and has made it to its destination in a little nook in the bathroom.  The plumbers will be back to put the fixture on and hook it up.  With so much to do in the main house, it will be some time before I can get to the guest farmhouse, but once the movers come back to rearrange furniture, I will be able to get in there and take some before photos and share them with you.

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