Thursday, April 3, 2014

Old Black & White Photos

I finally got to sit down and go through thousands of photos and albums and found a few from when the house was built into the '50s.  This is the farmhouse, which was there before the main house was built, and it looks so bare! (I like how they crimped the photo edges back then.)

This is the main house.  Wow, look at that mountain view they used to have. All the trees are so little.
You can see straight through to the barn down the road.  The brick courtyard is fresh and new, and there is that inch-thick Carolina siding!
The stepping stones you see are still there.  I sure wish that bench was! I can see there were a lot of changes made over the years, even notice some different plants.
What a difference a few years makes, lush and green and now it sits in it's own little forest.  No work being done this week, contractor's birthday, so next week there will be more progress!


  1. How wonderful that you have pictures of the house all those years ago, oh how I wish had pictures of what our house used to look like! Thank you for sharing, I am thoroughly enjoying learning the history of your house and seeing your progress! ~Meg

  2. The owner was so happy we offered to return his photos, but I went through them with a fine tooth comb and learned a lot about the family and the house. It sure is fun. Hope something pops up for you, you just never know!