Friday, March 28, 2014

Part 2

This is the hall between the living room and master bedroom.  We are standing at the master bedroom end looking down to the living room.  Lots of doors line this hallway! On the left side are two sets of doors that open to a wall cupboard.
This is what it looks like inside.  Really nice old pine.  For such an old house and only 1600 sq. ft., it has quite a lot of storage space.
The new closet in the master bedroom.  I will be bringing my Elfa shelving from the old house and have antique knobs to put on the doors.
The master bedroom will need the tar paper taken up off the floors and painting.  I will be doing that myself as time goes on.  The blue boards against the wall will be going into my bathroom.
This is looking from the master bedroom into a little hallway with a closet on each side and my bathroom where the blue boards will go and my clawfoot tub.
One of the closets has a neat old wall safe. 
This is the hex tile that will be going in the bathroom with the blue wood walls and clawfoot tub.  I found it at Home Depot, but when I went to order it, they said it was discontinued . . . again. I called the company in NYC, and they still had the unglazed antique white, but it had a flower that they said could be easily removed, so I ordered an extra case to replace those black tiles.  The grout will be bright white.  
Back to the kitchen where I forgot to show you the neat set of drawers across from the kitchen sink.
This is the top drawer ready for all my fancy silverware (ha)!  Looks like there will be a Part 3 to this renovation post for all the attic goodies and outside surprises.

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