Friday, November 16, 2012

The Story of LuChen "Foxy"

11 Alive News aired the story of LuChen/Foxy last night and you can view it on Chap's Chow Rescue's Facebook Page 
Another great story giving us lots of  PR for future chow adoptions!  This is a big weekend for the rescue.  Tomorrow a man from Knoxville is coming to meet Roman and Princess, Lee, Taz and Darcy.  Sunday is the big road trip for Zeus going to his new home in Merritt Island, Florida, where my aunt lives!  All dogs are now in foster homes, and once the holidays are over, we will have our kennels back and can start pulling more from shelters.  As for Bamboo, the little old man, we found a mass on his belly which is scaring away potential adopters, so looks like he may be mine!

Roman and Princess

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