Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fog Instead of Frost

Weeks of rain, humidity and mud.  A hot, humid Christmas like no other.  I saw someone post a mud snowman which was right on point.

Hard to get up the mountain to get supplies with all the fog. 

Swollen streams.

For Christmas dinner, spinach lasagne with bechamel sauce.

Dessert was rum raisin tiramisu, too much rum . . . thank you Ina Garten.

And more rum, Debra's rum cake, which I really liked.

Okay.  So for Christmas week we temp fostered Abbey, a 14 year old husky shepherd who eventually went to my friend Stephanie in CT.   Guinness the week before knocked the tree over, but no broken balls or damage.  Abbey, on the other hand, broke a lot of balls and managed to bend the tree in half.  

This is Abbey.  She had a lot of fun staying at our house.  I really liked her and wish she could have stayed permanently, even though she destroyed the tree.

The only good thing about this rain was the size of the camellias.

Huge!  The size of my hand!

Had the neighbors over New Year's Day for a buffet and to discuss our washed out road.

A chance to use my hammered tin serveware.  Turkey meatballs in a bbq sauce.

Homemade thumbprints, chocolate pepper cookies and gingersnaps with a cream cheese chutney spread.

Eggnog, which Ken from Sweden had never had and seemed to really enjoy!

Definitely a throwback to the '50s with dips and meatballs.

The downpours are now gone, time to clean up, pack up the decorations and get back to painting, scraping and sanding!  Maybe another foster dog and a few hikes thrown in!!

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