Thursday, January 9, 2014

Officially a Southern Girl!

We had 30 below windchill factor in our county, a record.  It brought back memories of being in PA, and made me glad that I did not get that job in NH when I was in my 20s not knowing that now in my 50s, I do not want the temp to go below the mid 40s or go above the mid 60s.  Poor Roman's tears froze on our walk!  Every time this happens, another million or so move to the South.
Even the bluebirds let me get close.  All they cared about was getting a mealworm.  I have two wrens that go in the basement every evening to sleep, and I have to let them out in the morning.  Now there's a smart bird!
Back to the mid 60s this weekend, right where me and the bluebirds like it!

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