Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Atlanta . . . No Wonder They Film Walking Dead Here!

Did all these people not hear what I heard?  Bob came home Monday night and I had his overnight bag ready, said you won't be coming home tomorrow night, get a room booked.  He won't be coming home tonight, either.  He couldn't get a room, but the Ritz gave him some pillows and a blanket and he slept on a couch in his office, had a nice dinner, breakfast with seven other attorneys that stayed and tonight will take in a Hawk's game instead of sitting in his car for 22 hours.  People, ever hear of being prepared and planning ahead? 
Meanwhile, I'm at home with the pack and having a nice time taking walks, photos, cooking, catching up on transcripts!  These are my snow dogs!




BAMBOO II, better know as THE MANZ

                                                  LORD ROMAN'S ACTING DEBUT

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