Monday, November 4, 2013

The Dreaded Phone Call!

The phone call came Saturday evening from my brother, my mom had a heart attack.  It was minor, though, so no need to worry or hop a plane, he would keep me posted.  Talked to my mom a couple of times, she sounded good.  So as a get well gift I decided to whip up a batch of her favorite soup, an old recipe from Magic Pan, Potage St. Germaine.

Got all of the supplies to ship it UPS, it would be there in two days for her return.  Then the dreaded phone call!  It was not minor, she was going in for open-heart surgery and there would be a long recovery period.  My wonderful brother is taking care of my dad this week, and I'm hopping in the Jeep and headed home for who knows how long to take care of my mom when she gets out of the hospital this weekend.  Jacqui just left for Boston today and I had told her Saturday I may be hitching a ride with her, but the timing was off.  Guess I'll be delivering the soup in person!  Until  I get back . . .

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