Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Home for Thanksgiving!

This is Olive, a rescue chow that drove with me to West Virginia on my way to Pennsylvania. (Blog photo taken in Glenside, Pa.)

I met Amber in Charlotte to pick up Olive.  Amber is a wonderful one-person rescue, and I was happy to help her with transport.  Olive was a sweetie!

Liz came with Buckshot to meet me and Amber.  We have all been facebook friends and in chow rescue, so this was a great opportunity to finally meet.

Buckshot is recovering from a near-fatal veterinary error.  He is nine and very slow, but now that Liz has adopted Firefly,  he is having less seizures.

I met Natalie in West Va.  She has adopted Olive and now calls her Ava.  Natalie is originally from Harrisburg and another "chow person" I have been wanting to meet.  I was happy it all worked out and my trip could accomplish saving another chow!

This is my mom with her heart pillow from Abington Hospital.  They give these out to hold on tight to when they are in pain.  They also use it to put between the chest and seat belt for their ride home.  My mom really needed it as fast as George drove home!
My dad and his sister Annie.  There was a constant flow of relatives coming to the house and I wish I had taken photos of each and every one of them, but most of the time I was busy getting drinks and food and talking.  Also saw my Uncle Jim, Aunt Ethel, and son Jimmy; Uncle Dick, Aunt Bert, son Richard and his girls Heather and Joy with babies; Uncle Art, Cousin Art and his wife Marilyn; met all the neighbors, Rusty and Meg, Karen, John, Phoebe.  It was nice, but tiring.  I think when I have my heart attack I don't want any visitors! 

My Aunt Annie, me (wish my eyes were open!) and Vicky. 

Thank you to Patti and George for doing so much.  George should have been a nurse, he is really good at it and would do all the "nursing-type" things I didn't want to do.  We did have plenty of nurses and physical therapists coming to the home for both my mom and dad, so that was good.  I was more of the "domestic" cooking, shopping, getting prescriptions, cleaning up, keeping the oxygen going and keeping my mom warm and supplied with tea! She is doing really well.  Doctor thought she was 70 years old!  George and Patti had the first 10 days, I did the next 10, and now George and Patti are there every day, but my mom went up to bed this week and that is a big accomplishment.  She had her heart attack three days before she went to the doctor, and surgeon said she only had two hours to live.  Mom, you should play the lottery . . . not dad!!

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