Saturday, March 16, 2013

Husky Transport This Weekend

This is Raven

This is Zuna and Bob, don't know which one is hairier~

Zuna is part husky, part malamute

This is Mary Ellen driving the next leg of transport to Chattanooga.  She brought a mother pitbull and 11 babies to another driver taking them to Saint Louis.

Zuna is pure husky.  Look at those eyes!  They both had the energy to pull a sled with 50 humans!  Don't think I could handle six huskies, I'll stick with my laid-back chow-chows!

Two little girls who came along for the ride having the time of their life with 11 pitbull babies to play with.

They're off to Saint Louis and the huskies are on their way to Chicago.  Another successful rescue weekendI'm sleeping in tomorrow!

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