Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First "Raw" Weekend

It all started with our holistic trainer Anna Betina sending me to Fido's Market. www.fidosmarket.com and www.facebook/FidosMarket.  Last week I spent three hours talking to Michelle about a raw diet for our pack.

Raw goat's milk was "prescribed" for Wong who has kidney disease, but it is good for all the dogs.  Until Vineyard Farms in Powder Springs has their 1/2 gallons ready for sale in a couple more weeks, Wong is the only one getting it. It will be more affordable at the farm and all dogs will get it.  I will have to add honey and cinnamon to make it like the one I'm buying at Fido's. I did make my own "Frosty Paws" with raw milk, pumpkin and apple sauce and it was a hit.  I had tried yogurt and peanut butter before, not a hit, so I am happy they like the goat's milk.

Blue Ridge Beef is in Statesville, NC, so when I move I may be able to buy this direct.  Each dog gets one pound a day, half in the morning and half in theevening.  First day was chicken, next day beef.  There are tubes of  the meat, meat with bones, and organs which you divide and mix.  These tubes come frozen, so you have to plan a couple days ahead to defrost and put in a pan because it is bloody and leaks.

Panda's first taste of his raw meal, doesn't know what to make of it!

I must say, I thought it would smell, be slimy, but it wasn't.  It actually makes their canned dog food look unappetizing.  It takes them longer to eat this because they have to chew, which cleans their teeth.

It can actually be a messy breakfast.  They are acting like kids and playing with their food!  Best to feed them outside!

Next to Wong, Roman loved his the most.  Why won't you put more in my bowl??

Geisha was skeptical, but once she started eating, started to like it more and more.  She was more fond of the chicken than the beef, though.

Princess was another messy eater, rolled hers in the dirt before eating it and took her good old time like Geisha.  I guess the girls didn't feel lady-like eating raw, but that will change!

Princess is not too lady-like here, showing her "wolf" face and acting like a wild dog!
 So there we have our first raw weekend, and they're back to "Taste of the Wild", which isn't so wild after all and more like going through the drive-through at McDonald's, which they like, but is not all that good for them.  Their treats are being changed to soft-cooked eggs and tripe, no more Pupperoni or Trader Joe's Chicken Sticks.  They are lucky I'm not wealthy or they would be eating raw every day and processed food would never touch their lips again (don't think they have lips, but . . . ) you get the gist!

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