Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Tribute To Helga

Helga was my first foster for Mike, and we both loved her so much she had to become part of our family. Her favorite song was an old Neil Young song "Cinnamon Girl" which she insisted the words be changed to "Cinnamon Chow".  As it goes, I wanna live with a cinnamon chow, I could be happy the rest of my life with my cinnamon chow!
This is the day I picked Helga up from the Fulton County Shelter.  She looks a little stressed, but I see a sparkle in her eye, she knows she is being saved.
Helga loved our marshes and took it upon herself to have a "spa day".  If only I had my camera with me.  She sat in the middle of the marsh which was a big mud pit and it must have felt so cool and refreshing, but by time I got back with my camera she was coming out.  This is the end result!
The redheads were best friends!  This is Helga and Geisha.
I have made such wonderful friends at the rescue who understand what it feels like to lose a beloved pet.  We only had Helga a short nine months.  It seems so unfair.  Thank you to family and friends who cared enough to send beautiful flowers, cards and a book I'm sure I will read over and over again because I know I will be going through this the rest of my life . . . I will always have a family of chow-chows!
                                                 We miss you, Sweet Helga!


  1. Sorry for the loss of Helga - she was a beauty and I know well-loved.

  2. Thanks, Maggie, that's sweet of you to say. Helga was very special!