Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chinese New Years

I found a way to keep my tree up by celebrating Chinese New Years in honor of my chows and all of my friends' chows. The main photo of my blog is my friend Jacqui's chow, Kashi, enjoying a ride around the neighborhood!  He is a smooth blue chow.  Don't you just want to kiss him??
I knew someday I would get to use the vintage lanterns I got on ebay.
The koi are food party picks, but they work great as tree ornaments, don't you think?
Same goes for the dragons, even though it is the year of the snake.
I have made a lot of wonderful friends at Chap's Chow Rescue and we all have our chow-chows in common.  I hope they are lasting friendships even though one may move back to Boston, another to Holland, and me to North Carolina.  Happy Chinese New Years to Panda, Wong, Bamboo, Geisha, Lord Roman, Princess, Helga, Suzie Wong, Mia, Chutney, Kashi, Blake, JoJo, the list goes on!  

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