Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rescue Pet Photography Webinar

Just finished a photography webinar given by Austin photographer Teresa Berg,  It was wonderful and gave lots of tips for photographing our rescues, which I am going to start putting into practice tomorrow in the fenced area behind BAC.  Let's see if this really works!!
Her book is "Dog Shots" and her Facebook page is Shelter Chic.  There is also more information on photography at and where professional photographers will mentor non-professionals like myself to help with shelter pet photography if one happens to be in your area.  I am going to check that out and see if I can do that.  Anyone in the group that wants to do the same or help me with the dogs when photographing will be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Hey I did this, too! Haven't used it yet though as far as at any shelters or rescues.