Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Adoption Event!

Dogs Available For Adoption from Chap's Chow Rescue. This is Roman & Princess, a bonded pair who we have been fostering for the past two months.
This is Willow & Lee, a bonded pair who have a potential adopter in Macon.
This is Leo, a senior male, may be deaf, who is being fostered by Amy.
This is sweet, little Cody, five year old male, needs foster now!
This is Bamboo, senior male, needs foster now!

This is Byron, American Bulldog, master died in sleep, needs foster now!
Here are some of our success stories.  This is Teddy, who now lives in Montana!
This is Leroy Brown, our oldest senior.  I delivered him to Kim in Union City last Saturday!  Hooray for Leroy, now Yudah!
This is Helga, and we adopted Helga after fostering her.
This is Geisha.  She now lives with Annaleise in Thomaston, GA.
This is Jethro who is now living on the beach in Portland, Oregon! 

 See more adoptable dogs and success stories on our Facebook page at Chow Rescue of Georgia and come see the dogs in person Sunday, October 14th from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at Loving Hands Animal Clinic in Alpharetta!

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