Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What was Roman thinking???

This is a plastic ball that was inside a stuffed animal that I had given Roman to play with.  I did not know this ball was in there.  I happened to be in the basement for a visit with Roman & Princess while talking to my mom on the phone. 
It was an octopus, and I heard Roman ripping the legs off one-by-0ne turned to see him spit out this ball that I tried to grab, but he got it back in his mouth before I could get it.  I thought, I'll just wait for him to spit it out again and kick it away from him.  Didn't happen, he swallowed it.  Hopefully my mom's hearing aid was turned off because I let out a scream and ran to get Bob to somehow get the ball out because he stopped breathing, but by time I ran into the house and back out with Bob, he was standing there with his big pit bull smile!
Just look at him with that big grin after being rushed to the vet, induced vomiting, an endoscopy, then having to open him up to get the ball out of his stomach.  $1700 later, six inches of stitches, and a $40 e-collar so he can be comfortable for two weeks, and he's ready for action!!!

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