Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Roman, Princess & Another Geisha

This is Roman

This is Princess

Their owner lost her home, so this bonded pair will be fostered by us until they find their forever home together
Until then, they are content being together and going for long walks in the pasture, then a nap in the cool basement
Roman chased his first deer the other morning, and today there were three fawns and an adult and he was beside himself!
Princess is content to roll in the grass
This is Geisha, a rescue from Pell City, Alabama Animal Shelter where we picked up Jethro.  Jethro is on his way to Portland, Oregon this week to his new home.
Geisha had to be removed from the shelter and put in boarding by Neva in order to be saved
Bob and I met Neva at the Alabama/Georgia line for transfer
She is the tiniest chow I have ever seen at three years old.  Helga and our Geisha are 40 pounders and we call them "the minis", so I guess the new Geisha is a micro-mini!
Here she is safe at BAC with Mike, ready for some good food, a bath and a new home!

Just thought I'd throw in a photo of our two "minis" Geisha, and Helga, although Helga is putting on the pounds and we're calling her the Butterball turkey, so I guess she's not going to stay mini after all!

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