Monday, July 9, 2012

Carload of Cockers

Saturday we did a leg of driving for Marthas Mutt Movers, a carload of cockers going to Ohio.  This is Baxter and Rocky, and Bella is a little nervous, so she is in the crate.
We met two other couples coming from other areas who had been fostering Trixi and Jack.
Jack is the red, Trixi is the blonde.
Karen and Gail came with a large van to take all dogs for the next leg.
Next it was off to the Urban Stack for lunch.
Chattanooga has many interesting buildings.
We love any excuse to go to Chattanooga, TN, and transporting dogs makes it that much better.

This is the bridge that goes over the river in the middle of the city. It was 105 degrees, but most of the country is that temperature right now, and at least there was a breeze at the top of the bridge.
Many different views from the bridge.
It was a nice day.

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