Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cumberland Continued

Today we are going on a tour with our ranger and six others to Plum Orchard on the northern part of the island.  Too hot and far to hike.  Spotted two wild horses on the way to the van.

This is our cute, tan and buff ranger, Andrew!

The egrets love to ride horseback.

Plum Orchard was the Carnegie mansion.

Entry hall

Beautiful stenciled ceiling.

Dining room with pretty wallpaper

The library with my favorite wallpaper

This is the library wallpaper up close.  In person, it looks as if it were hand painted.

A few antique wallpapers throughout the home.

The Carnegie crest on painted burlap wallpaper.

Andrew told us that the portions of the home where the slaves were allowed was always painted yellow because many of the slaves did not speak English.  The doorknobs were also square instead of round so that at night they would know by feel not to enter certain rooms of the house.  I found that very interesting and clever!

I really loved this Tiffany chandelier, could picture that in my home!

Up close

Couldn't stop looking at the Spanish moss in trees.

Not too up on palms, so don't know the name of this, but it was so bright green.

Time for our lunch break under the live oaks before heading farther north to see the chapel where JFK, Jr., and Carolyn Bessette were married.  To be continued . . .

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