Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cumberland Continued

Had a rough time sleeping because of the heat and humidity, so I was awake at the crack of dawn and decided to walk down to the beach and see the sunrise while Bob got a few extra snores in.

The live oaks on the island are all around and magnificent! 
This boardwalk leads to the beach from Seacamp

It was the end of the season for the loggerhead turtles, so there would not be much of a chance of seeing any babies hatch

Beautiful sunrise!

Walked along the beach and dunes and took photos

A somewhat defunct sand castle, little remains

Took the boardwalk back to Seacamp to see if Bob was up and ready to go

Another live oak

Beauty berry bushes grow wild here.  My fav is white, but did not see anything but purple here

Some little girls in a live oak tree

Now, these little girls know how to pose!

I believe this was their campsite not far from ours, very elaborate! The smell of coffee and bacon was in the air.  Some people really know how to camp!  All Bob and I had was instant coffee and a granola bar, bummer.  To be continued . . .

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