Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Puppy Nightmare

So the rescue I work with in Lancaster, PA, asks if I can keep some puppies from GA for a few days.  I'm thinking puppies, 10, 15 lbs., will sleep a lot, easy.

Nope.  These guys are 25 to 30 lbs. and full of energy.  They are flat coat retrievers, a breed I know nothing about, sweet, pretty and way too much energy and the three feed off each other.

They were set to be killed on the day the rescue called the shelter.  She had adopters for them, so I just couldn't say no.  The boys were yet to be named, so this one I called Big. He is now named Lewie for Lewes, DE where they spend the summer.

This is their sister, who was named by the adopter, Piper.

And this one I called Little, my favorite, who is now named Murphy.

Not too thrilled to be going on transport.

Now this is what I consider a puppy!

Chow puppies only in the future.

The mess they left behind.  Muddy floors.

Soiled blankets.

Filthy windows.  I am happy to report their new families have them in training classes!

Adopters of Big and Little (Murphy).
Piper with her new dad.  She will have a golden retriever brother.

Friends Junus and Patti from Minnesota came for the 4th of July, former NC residents, and of course brought yet another dog for me to keep the following week named Sabrina who would be going to CT.  I can handle a senior!

As usual, the table is set, camera is on the counter ready for photos, we begin talking and eating, I forget the photos.  A house warming gift for their new home was a mercury glass fruit bowl found at an estate sale.

This is Sabrina.  She was a sweet, easy chow.

This week I was going to take a break . . . right.  My friend in Houston asked me to help her get this guy, who I have named Scotch, from SC to KY.  Bob will be driving him to TN on Saturday.  Just another week in rescue!

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