Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Nantucket Door Knocker

Called the Nantucket Door Knocker because this was the nautical themed door knocker I had hoped to place on my Nantucket house one day (yeah, right, ha-ha).  

Believe it or not, this was found in a log cabin antique shop in the mountains of Georgia, far from where it was probably supposed to be. I had never seen children mermaids before and really can't find any information on this knocker from the maker's stamp.

It is very heavy and looks just right on this big, heavy door replacing the wimpy little knocker that was there.  The brass has turned a nice verdigris to match the copper gutters, which have also turned with age.

Next on the agenda is finding a light for the front wall of what used to be the garage, now Bob's man cave, and lights up the driveway.  This witch's hat is really unique.  Blue Moon is an antique lighting store in our town, and they have fabulous vintage lighting, and they even let you bring them home to see how they will fit.  I originally wanted a lantern to hang from the peak, but with our winds, that might not be a good idea.

Last night at dusk on a walk with the dogs, the skies are looking like an early fall.

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