Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Fourth

Guess who came to work on the Fourth?  That would be Shaggy, my painter.  He was here a whopping four hours, scraped two walls.  Won't see him again until next Monday.  This is going to be a slow and agonizing paint job.

First scraping, then washing with bleach, then painting.  

He believes this is the one and only coat of paint that the house ever got, it's down to bare wood.  That would make the paint about 70 years old, probably lead, don't want to know.

Meanwhile, I finished the other side of the living room now that Daddy has passed and is not being housed in that area anymore.  I took a photo of this ladder because it is the last time I will be up on it.   My painting on ladder days is over!!  Even Shaggy said to put that heavy ladder on a yard sale.  He didn't even want to use it because it's such a beast. 

In the kitchen I finished the walls that needed spots finished and a second coat, the same color that was used in the living room.  Kitchen is now a done deal, at least paint-wise.  Still needs a backsplash and floor sanded.

I decided to paint the backsplash for now.  The bark shingles I would like to use as a backsplash are going to cost some $$.  I stopped in the local hardware store that can order them for me and told me they were $9 a square foot, which didn't seem like a lot, but when I measured and it came up as 20 square feet, we're talking a couple of thousand dollars, so for now paint will have to do.

This is the glue that was left behind when the laminate was removed.  At least the paint will hide that and make it look cleaner.

The finished product.  Painting and scraping will be on hold for a little while, need to let my arthritic hands have a break, they hurt right now, so cleaning out everything I can to take to the church for that awesome sale they have, which will be in August.

My toad has been hanging out by my fountain, so I thought I would treat him with his own ceramic dish of  water.  He is in there every night.

The snake dropped by for a drink at the dogs' water bowl.

Ziggy, my goat farmer, got himself two piggies.

Bamboo is now the high-ranking senior in the house.  Lookin' pretty good for 16 years old!  Just missing a few teeth!

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