Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bark Cottage by the Lake

Friday Bob and I went searching for a power line to hook up to our property off of the lake for a buyer who has a contract on our land.  Our neighbor on their 200 acres had put in some gravel roads and gates, so we took a walk down the road, and this is what we came upon.  Good thing is, we have a backup to our contract, an engineer from Charleston who wants the property and is going to build/live off-the-grid using solar and wind, so we won't need to hook up electricity!

This is their lake cottage clad in bark which is very popular here, the same bark we intend on using for our backsplash in our kitchen.  We didn't walk a mile up the hill to see the main house.  Can't imagine what that looks like!  I could live in this little cottage myself.

We went out the other side and came upon an orchard and corn fields.  Didn't even know this existed.  

I am lucky to live in such a beautiful place with such beautiful views!

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