Saturday, June 20, 2015

Too Hot to Work!

With temps in the high 90s, I thought a hike in the Pisgah Forest would be just the thing to cool off.

The Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy was having a two-mile hike with 40 people on private land they acquired with seven waterfalls.  I also thought it would be a good way to meet some people interested in the outdoors.

Jody, with the backpack, was our trail guide.  She was a new transplant from Chicago.  Everyone I met was from somewhere else, NY, OH, IN, IL. 

A lot of moss covered most of the trail, which was two miles out of the 15 miles that have been completed so far on the acquired 800 acres.

There were 17 switchbacks all at once to the bottom of Connestee Falls. 

Jody and Dave, one of the 10 men working on the trails.  He and others are retired and dedicated to creating trails on this property.  They do all the work by hand, taking down trees, digging out paths, putting up handrails, and making stone stairs.  I can't believe he is in his late 60s!  

I was very happy to have stairs and handrails when doing the switchbacks.  I thanked Dave for that!  

Looking forward to the next hike with this group.  This next week is going to be just as hot, so there is a luncheon with friends and a garden tour up in Asheville.  Heat is a good excuse not to renovate!

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