Monday, May 4, 2015

Herb Garden . . . Oh, My Aching Hands

Today my chow alarm went off at six in the morning, so I was up early and at the stables down the road by 7:30 am for much-needed manure.  I prefer to make my own dirt rather than buy it, but it takes time and lots of compost.

It's been a year since I started my first pile, which should have been three times as much because I only have a small space to plant veggies this year, and most of that has been taken up by heirloom tomatoes, which I started from seed and are now planted.  I still need to find room for corn, cucumbers and gourds.

After a couple of trips to the stables, something came over me and I decided to tackle the area outside my kitchen window which I would like to have an herb garden in and some hollyhocks, but it is covered in old ivy and layer upon layer of metal fencing.

I had thought earlier of hiring a couple of guys to rip this stuff out.  I started at 9 am and was completely exhausted by 3 pm,  so six hours for two guys at $20/hour saved me a lot of $$$!  

The ivy was grown all through the layers of wire.  I pulled, hacked, clipped and finally got it up, cut back the ivy and cleaned out the leaves, which went in my new compost pile.

I guess the previous owners felt like it was easier to stomp the old fencing into the dirt and put up new each year.  The green was on top, and you can see the rusty one underneath.

Once I got the fencing and ivy out, then I found rebar and these metal pieces that were for who knows what.  

One-half of the area cleared and ready for planting.

I put up a trellis and planted my morning glory seedlings.

I knew this would not be a good night for my hands.  I may have to wait to do the other side, we'll see how they feel in the morning.  

Down in the pasture white wild roses are blooming everywhere.

                                              The thistles are also in full bloom. 

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