Monday, April 13, 2015

Blooms in the Garden

A profusion of blooms everywhere from wisteria to dogwoods, saucer magnolias, viburnums, ajuga, phlox, kerria, and lots of old-fashioned azaleas with more to come!  This spring is full of surprises plant-wise.

This week I also made a trip to Atlanta to pick up Zorro who spent the weekend and Daddy wanted a personal meeting.  

I drove two hours north above Charlotte to get Zorro on his transport to NJ and picked up Walker, a Great Pyrenees who needed a home and through contacting my goat peeps, found him a home on a farm in Greenville, SC.  Very busy week for sure. Gearing up to get started on the outside painting.  Our painter "Shaggy" was here and gave us an estimate and we are ready to start.

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