Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last week was in the mid to high 60s.  The Scotch Broom started to bloom and the daffodils are up four inches.

I couldn't stay inside, so started to get a lot of my plants out of pots and into the ground.  Five big hydrangeas were planted in the ivy bed in front of the house.

A very large lacecap hydrangea was planted in front of the sunroom.

While cleaning up debris around the side stairs, I found three large rock stepping stones, so I unearthed those and started planting moss around them.

Just like we used to say in Atlanta when they were pouring sidewalks that just deadened "sidewalks to nowhere", the stepping stones are the same.  There are now big bushes covering probably a path that used to go around the front of the house to the courtyard, but having these three uncovered makes it look prettier.

Another nice thing about last week besides the weather was after months of being at a cobbler in Colorado, my Italian hiking boots arrived with new soles, free of cost!  Thank you Gorsuch, a wonderful family-owned company, that stands by their products.

Went to our property off the lake hoping to find wood to cut up and store for next year from when we had it cleared five years ago . . . 

The walk up.

. . .  but instead found this overgrown mess of briers.  Couldn't believe that this once-cleared property now has large trees and nothing but brush with lots of briers making it nearly impossible to walk.  Still has that nice mountain view, though.

The walk down.

Stopped by the boathouse on the way out.  I actually got to rent it to Judd last week because it was so warm.  He wanted to take a kayak out and just hang.  Nothing else going on, it was very quiet.

This week, total opposite.  Very cold, windy, some flurries.  Back to painting inside.  The mountains were orange this morning, not white with snow.  That's okay.  After a bit of spring last week, I want it to return to that and get planting!

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