Monday, February 17, 2014

The Groundhog Lied!

Fourteen hours of ice pellets ending up with four inches on the ground making it very hard to walk the dogs

Thank goodness for my Timberlands, they got me through the worst of it!
Didn't stop the chows from having a good time!
The marshes looked very pretty with the snow and ice cover.  I will really miss my marshes.  To my surprise this morning, the owl came flying out in broad daylight.
The storm left, the quake came.  Friday night about 10:30 pm laying in bed, I thought I was losing my mind when I heard a loud, strange noise, the bed shook like the exorcist and the packed boxes along the wall tilted.  Bamboo was the only one who heard it and couldn't stop barking until I pet him.  I completely forgot about it until next morning when I heard there was an earthquake in SC and we could feel it in parts of GA.  Of course, Bob was dead to the world and didn't notice a thing, along with the rest of the pack!
Now it's sunny and 63 degrees to reach 70 this week, definite signs of spring!
The mahonias are also in bloom.
                                            And there is a steady stream of sandhill cranes migrating 
                                            over the house.  No more winter for us!!!  Tomorrow we 
                                            close on our house and the renovation starts Sunday, 
                                            with the move set for end of March.  No more delays, 

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