Monday, October 7, 2013

Road Trip to Nashville!

Off Jacqui and I go to visit Rich and Pat and the gang in Nashville, TN!

We met Rich and Pat through transporting dogs and an instant friendship was made.  Byson is getting a nice ear rub from Rich!

This is Chloe, a senior chow who had been in a Texas shelter since April.  I paid her adoption fee, found a wonderful foster named Diana in TX who took good care of her for months until transport was arranged, and Chloe arrived at Rich & Pat's last weekend, one of the reasons for our visit!

This is Mojo, a senior Rich and Pat adopted a few years ago.

Byson is on the left, a dog they are fostering for Jacqui and I, and Frisky is on the right, another we pulled from a Georgia shelter the day she was to be put to sleep.  Rich and Pat adopted Frisky, a senior whose owner had died and family put in the shelter.  She is one lucky girl!

Rich and Pat live on 20 acres surrounded by beautiful vistas!

The night we arrived we could see fireworks in a neighboring town from their front porch.  The town was 30 miles away.  They say on 4th of July, they see a whole skyline of fireworks in all the neighboring towns, so I think another road trip will be in order!

The next morning we all went for a long walk with the dogs.

Everyone who has come in contact with Chloe has loved her.  I wanted to kidnap her and keep her all for myself.  She was just groomed and looked like a little lamb.

This is our boy , Byson.  He's a handful, has to be walked on a leash or off to the cow pasture he goes.  He loves his new buddies and his fosters!

Julie is another friend we have through rescue who lives about 30 minutes from Pat and Rich, so off we went to visit Julie and all of her chows!

Amadeus is yet another chow we pulled from a Georgia shelter who is now living with Julie until adoption.  He is a feral chow, and Julie has done wonders with him.  Julie has three little girls, a job, a huge house and yet does all this rescue work.  She's amazing!

Another of Julie's fosters.

A whirlwind weekend, could have spent many more days with our TN friends just talking and enjoying all these chow-chows, but we had to get back home to our own.  Next time we have to take a photo of Pat (sorry Pat!).  Our boy Byson was worn out and we got a great shot of his black velvet paws.  We'll see you all again soon!

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