Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Friday Afternoon at Helen's

Jacqui and I met at Helen's cute home in Inman Park on Friday.  I was making my goat's milk delivery for her chows and wanted to finally meet them.
I was surprised at the amount of folk art Helen had in her small 900 sq. ft. home, and it was fun to sit and take it all in.
Here is Bella from the rescue.
This is Abbey from the rescue.  Love her eyeliner!
And this is Leo, an older boy rescued from Katrina.
This is Helen's tenant who lives in an outbuilding only 500 sq. ft.  Both are into "micro-living" and they both get a lot into a little space!  Both he and Helen are reporters for CNN.
Helen has been working a lot on her garden and just put in the pond all by herself.  The original reason for coming down to the city was to see her garden, but between all my rescue work and packing to move, I haven't had a minute to spare.
This is Helen feeding her goldfish, Dr. Seuss, red fish, blue fish, yellow fish and spot.
Jacqui looking at the artwork in Helen's tiny kitchen.
Helen collects bronze dogs done by an artist in Santa Fe.  The big one must weigh 50 lbs!
Everything is arranged in an artistic way, you have to be imaginative in order to fit so much stuff in such a small space.
I loved the deep blues of the house across the street; Helen, not so much.  She said it was dark and spooky! I've always loved Inman Park with all of its Victorian cottages, much like Oaks Bluff on Martha's Vineyard without the ocean.
After our visit and tour we went to Albert's a local pub for a drink called "Muddy Waters" flavored vodka, soda, fresh basil and lime, so refreshing and so relaxing, but then there was the drive home . . . not so much!

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