Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Great Unexpected Saturday at Zonolite Park!

Zonolite Park is just a few blocks down from the kennels where the rescue dogs are boarded.  On my way down to the city on Saturday, I stopped to get a turtle in the road that was hit by a car to take to the pond at Zonolite.  To my surprise, there were so many people there for a cleanup project.  I got on the phone to Jacqui, told her to get the "adopt me" vests for the dogs and let's get walking, maybe one will be adopted!

The group in green were wearing Trees Atlanta T-shirts and they were planting in the park.

Another group that was there, United by Blue, came all the way from my hometown, Philadelphia, to clean up the river.  It was fun talking to them about familiar places in Philly. I told them to look for my nephew's home-brewed beer under the label Love Brewing Company.

This is Susan.  She had just returned from a trip to Africa where she works with an elephant rescue, and since I was walking a rescue dog, we got to talking.  She is coming with her friend David this coming Saturday to walk dogs and be a new volunteer!  The more dog walkers the better!
This is Tommy, one of the rescue dogs still waiting to be adopted.  The video below is of Tommy with one of the "smaller" volunteers.  He's a pup, so he loves everyone!

Sally Sears was there having fun with Tommy, too.  She is a retired newsperson that spearheads a lot of what goes on at Zonolite Park.  She is a very nice person and wants to help the rescue any way she can.

Later in the day I got Tang to the river.  He loves taking a swim, very unusual for a chow!

This is Samson who Jacqui pulled from the same shelter the same day we went to get Ginseng who went to TN.  It was his last day on the planet and Jacqui just could not let that happen, so he was being boarded with the other rescues for the past two weeks. 
Who would have guessed that Samson's new family would be at the park doing cleanup!  The next day he was on his way to Kennesaw to be with his new family and they just love him.  All in all it was a very productive day.  One adoption, two new volunteers and Sally will let us know when other events happen at Zonolite so that we can bring even more dogs!! Of course, I never get a photo of Jacqui, she's always on the move with a dog, and I'm always behind the camera, but it really is us down there doing all the hard leg work!!

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