Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 55th Birthday

As if a fireside candle, shooting star lights to be used next Christmas and a fresh ball of mozzarella from East 48th Street Market to be eaten New Year's Eve with a nice Cab Franc wasn't enough for my birthday . . .
Bob took me to LeFont Theatre to see "Anna Karenina" to find that it had just been replaced, but on the way to another theater to see "Beasts of the Southern Wild" a story about Katrina and New Orleans, Bob spied the poster for the movie in the dumpster and went dumpster diving to retrieve it for me.  We did end up seeing it at another theater.  It was a feast for the eyes.  The dresses and jewelry were beautiful as was everything else in this movie.  I will have to see it again with my girlfriends.
I wanted a photo of the poster with Roman and Princess who we were taking to an adoption event this morning, but with having to hold the poster up and hold onto two 65 pound chow-chows, didn't get much of a birthday photo, but you get the jist! Roman and Princess look very good in this photo, though!

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