Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My First Morning Home

This morning on my morning walk with the pack, a young deer came dashing out of the woods.  By the way she was acting, I knew a baby had to be somewhere close, so after putting the dogs in the house, I started my search.
I stood back and watched the mother come back to an area where the baby must be.  It was the complete opposite side of the woods where I thought, she must have been trying to throw the dogs off when she ran out earlier.  Took me about an hour, then finally I saw her curled up and asleep on the side of the stream.  She never moved, just looked at me while I snapped photo after photo.  I believe she's a newborn, and hopefully tonight will start to walk and go somewhere safer with her mother.  I spent two hours fencing the area off so that my dogs would not be able to get to her.
Later in the afternoon I saw the mother come and feed her.  I didn't want to get too close, so you can only see her eyes and the white on her chest.
Here is her white tail as she was leaving.
An added bonus to all that work, I noticed the blackberries were starting to ripen in the six days that I've been gone.  Yogurt and berries for lunch and checking on the fawn every hour!

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